Thermex Sirius ERP 24 – Condensing Gas Heating Boiler 24 kW


  • Condensing Gas Heating Boiler 24kW – Thermex Sirius ERP 24Central Heating System
    Seasonal Heating Efficiency Class (Erp) A
    Seasonal Heating Efficiency (ns) % 91,9
    Maximum Efficiency (Partial Load) % 107,9
    Central Heating Nominal Power (50-30°C) kW 24
    Central Heating Minimum Power (50-30°C) kW 5,31
    Central Heating Nominal Power (80-60°C) kW 21,8
    Central Heating Minimum Power (80-60°C) kW 4,91
    Maximum Nominal Input (Qi) kW 22,5
    Minimum Nominal Input (Qi) kW 5,2
    Central Heating Temperature Adjustment °C 20-80
    Central Heating Circuit Max. Pressure bar 3
    Central Heating Circuit Min. Pressure bar 0,8
    NOx Class 6
    Gas Consumption – at Maximum Power m³/h 2,38
    Gas Consumption – at Minimum Power m³/h 0,55
    Expansion Vessel Capacity Litre 8
    Expansion Vessel Pre-charged Pressure bar 1
    Sanitary Hotter (DHW) System
    Seasonal DHW Production Efficiency A
    DHW Using Profile XL
    DHW Efficiency % 92,3
    DHW Heating Power, Max kW 21,8
    DHW Heating Power, Min kW 4,91
    DHW Volume (ΔT = 30°C, Max) l/min. 10,4
    DHW Volume (ΔT = 25°C, Max) l/min. 12,5
    DHW Temperature Adjustment °C 30-65
    Maximum Operating Pressure bar 9
    Minimum Operating Pressure bar 0,3
    Annual Electric Power Consumption for DHW Production GJ 16,2 16,5 16,6
    Electric Information
    Power Supply Voltage VAC 230
    Power Supply Frequency Hz 50
    Electric System Protection Grade – IP X4D
    Connections to Installation
    Gas Connection inch 3/4
    Central Heating Circuit Flow / Return inch 3/4
    HDW Inlet / Outlet inch 1/2
    General Specifications
    Sound Power dB(A) 51
    Flue Diameter – Ø mm 60/100
    Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth), Without Package mm 710 x 399 x 327
    Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth), With Package mm 760 x 430 x 392
    Weight (Without Package) kg 29,5
    Weight (With Package) kg 31,7Warranty:  2 years

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