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Our Authorized Lithuanian Service Centre  –  JSC Baltic Continent, – operate in all territory of Lithuania.

      Main office locate by address:  P.Lukšio g. 23, Vilnius
      Phone:  +370 68 341 398,  +370 68 503 355,  +370 68 333 835

There You would get all  service works Thermex water heaters for:
… Warranty service;

… Delivery and installation on demand;
… Purchase spare parts;
… Get competent technical advice.

Service has been established over the years allows to satisfy the needs of clients of any degree of complexity and efficiency.


Thermex company is not responsible for:
   … Product damage or degradation caused due to customer’s fault;

   … Defects caused by product improper handling;
   … Natural wear and tear.

If the defect has been detected, you have the right to demand the product to be replaced, or refuse the defective product and return it back to Thermex.

If the defective product is returned, the sum paid by the customer (including the delivery fee) is refunded to the specified bank account not later than 30 days after the product return.

In addition to the rights deriving from the claiming conditions, the customer has all the other rights deriving from the legislation of Lithuanian Republic.